Butterscotch nut is newly invented concept for various food & Confectionery industries. It has wide acceptance and usage as per the requirement of the industry. It is been used as a primary raw material and also as a decorative article.

It has got a buttery and a caramelized flavored that too with crunchiness.

This product is free from any artificial flavors and colors. It is widely used in Ice Cream, Bakery, confectionery and various deserts.

- For Best results use 15 % of our product of the total product.
- Best Before 3 Month from the Manufacturing Date.
- For Industrial Use as Raw Material.

Analysis Report :

Sr. No

Product specification

Butter Scotch Nuts



Yellow to brown round beads



Buttery to caramelized


Sugar content / 100 Grm

55 %


Cashew content / 100 Grm

35 %


Nutrition value

424.20 Cals. / 100 gms

Packing available in 1kg and 250 gms with our brand name nitin's.


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