NItin Chemicals provide various additives to Food Industry too. Nitin chemicals is considered one of the best in providing preservative and stabilizers for Food Industry.

To mention a few : Nitin Chemicals serves to industries which cater in Ice-cream, Jam, Jelly, Confectioneries etc...

It is because in all our markets we have a strong commitment to:

- understanding and responding to customer needs
- providing innovative solutions for food quality, safety, productivity
- long-term cost control assuring reliability of our equipment and gas delivery systems.

Applications : Ice-cream & Dairy

Stabilizers product range
Butterscotch Nuts product range
preservatives product range
dry fruits product range

Applications : jam

Preservatives product range
Pectin product range

Applications : Jelly

Pectin product range
GUM Carragenan product range

Applications : confectionery

dry fruits product range

Applications : flour mill

Flour whitener product range

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