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Shipping Concerns

 My products have not arrived yet. When will they be delivered?
 I need to return a product. How do I do this?
 Where can I get an MSDS sheet for products I have ordered?
 With all sorts of regulations in place, hasn't working with common carriers become a matter of routine?
 I was told that shipment of some hazardous materials might cost a little more from NITIN. Is this true?

Product Information

 Does NITIN make custom products?
 What about bulk chemical manufacturing for production use?
 What are the core manufacturing capabilities of NITIN?
 Are all these chemicals made in one location?
 Can NITIN supply materials in container loads?
 Does NITIN supply anhydrous or custom-dried compounds?
 Can NITIN manufacture high-purity materials in bulk?

Buying Online

 How can I buy your products online?
 I am registered on your site, but I can't buy. What's wrong?
 Do you sell to international customers?
 I do not live in the United States. Can I purchase online?
 Why do you need to know how I'm going to use the chemicals I buy?

Purchasing & Billing

 Can I buy with a credit card or Purchase Order?
 There is an error on my invoice. How do I take care of this?

Company FAQs

 Where is NITIN located?
 Who owns NITIN?
 How big is NITIN?
 Is NITIN ISO Certified? What exactly does ISO-9000 certification mean?
 What is the origin of the Responsible Care® program?
 Where does the issue of TSCA compliance come in?
 What about bulk chemical manufacturing for production use?
 What other restrictions might affect the way I do business with NITIN?
 Why do you need to know how I'm going to use the chemicals I buy?
 Is security a prominent issue at NITIN ?
 Does NITIN regularly ship its products to foreign markets?
 How does NITIN sell its products?
 Does NITIN regularly add technology to its manufacturing base?
 What's the best reason for me to consider NITIN as a chemical supplier?


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